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Digital Photo Frame Reviews

Welcome to photoframeuk.

The purpose of this site is to help you to choose the right type and size of digital photo frame by comparing features.

Digital Photo frames make an ideal and affordable gift for any occasion and are available in a wide range of sizes and specifications. For weddings, birthday parties or any happy events, digital frames make  the perfect present as well as a fantastic way to display and remember these occasions. These photo frames are easy to use, and work instantly they are switched on; simply use a memory card, or in some cases. a wireless connection or USB link to your PC to transfer image files to the digital picture frame and relive those happy memories in your home or office or even as a business aid to display your products to the public

Most people these days have a digital camera and so instead of printing the pictures or loading them to a laptop or computer a digital photo frame is an ideal way to view them. You can enjoy them in various displays such as slideshow with varied transitions or as collages with several images on screen at the same time.

Most photo frames automatically rotate and scale the images to best fit a landscape or portrait view. Many of these digital photo frames have the facility to play video and music files too giving you the perfect background to view your favourite images.

digital photo frames explained ----------

things you might like to know about digital photo frames and their features before you buy


Digital photo frames are available in a range of sizes from keyring size to 21 inch screens for personal use and even for use in public areas such as hotels,supermarkets,classrooms or museums and galleries. The size is measured across the diagonal and generally speaking the larger the frame the more expensive it is, although this may depend on the range of other features it possesses.


Resolution is measured in pixels and for the best clarity look for the highest resolution. e.g. a digital photo frame with a resolution of 800 x 600 will have a width of 800 pixels and a height of 600 pixels.

Digital photo frame screens usually have a widescreen format with an aspect ration the same as a widescreen tv, or a 4:3 ratio like a traditional tv. Some digital photo frames have a 3:2 format as this is popular with camera manufacturers as it matches the ratio of a standard 4 x 6 inch photo.


Look for user friendly controls. Some photo frames have touch control, Digital photo frame controls should be clearly marked and on the front of the frame rather than the back. Other photo frames can be operated using a separate remote control unit supplied with the frame.


Motion Sensor function means that the photo frame will automatically start to play movies, pictures and or music when somebody moves in front of it, and automatically switch off as you move away, therefore saving energy. There are obvious benefits for advertising and in public places such as hospitals, schools,museums, galleries, shops, etc.


Some digital photo frames are equipped with a light sensor which adjusts the brightness of the displayed images in accordance with the darkness of the surroundings.


Digital photo frames with no internal memory rely upon the insertion of a memory card. There is a slot on the photo frame, and some even have more than one slot, for the insertion of your memory cards.

Most digital photo frames accept all the major types of memory card such as Compact Flash (CF), Memory Stick (MS), Secure Digital (SD), xD and MicroDrive (MD)

NB. Check that the digital photo frame you choose to buy is compatible with the type of card used by your camera.

A lot of digital photo frames have built in memory which means that you can load/copy photos straight from your computer or from your camera.


Interchangeable Frames

Some digital photo frames have interchangeable frame inserts allowing you to blend in with your decor.

Multi Media

Background music can be loaded in the form of MP3 or WMA files and played through built in speakers so adding to the pleasure of viewing your favourite photos, videos and slideshows.

Remote control

Some digital photo frames just have a power button for on and off with all other functions accessed by a battery operated remote control but they can be very small and easy to mislay.


Some digital photo frames can connect wirelessly to Wi-Fi networks and therefore stream images direct from the computer or send pictures to the photo frame via the internet or email.

Weather Stations

Digital photo frames with incorporating weather staions can display outdoor temperature and humidity,atmospheric pressure and tendency, 24 hour history, radio controlled clock with alarm and date and indication of the sun and moon postition and moon phases

TV Out

With this facility you can display your photos on your tv


Bluetooth is a wireless communication for connecting devices through the air over short distances. It is slower than Wifi but simpler to set up and works effectively when connecting speakers, headphones, printers, computers and of course photo frames.With Bluetooth you can copy photos from a Bluetooth compatible device such as a mobile phone directly to your photo frame.

with Freeview TV & Digital Radio

with Freeview TV & Digital Radio you are effectively getting a portable tv and multi media player

digital photo frames for kids

themed photo frames displaying your images and music

Baby Monitor

with a video baby monitor you can be certain your child is resting peacefully whilst you are otherwise occupied. Some have motion detectors, temperature sensors. What is really important is battery life, reception range and image quality.













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